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Can't tell him nothin'

I once was asked what were some of my favorite songs. My answers were:

  1. Holy, Holy, Holy - such a beautiful song that captures the spirit of worship and adoration towards God.

  2. The Black National Anthem - this song captures the spirit of what it means to be Black in America.

  3. Can't Tell Me Nothing - This. Is. Hip Hop.

The bravado, production, lyrics. Yes, this song is why I miss the old Kanye. Recently, Mr. West has caught some negative attention for his willingness to stand along with our 45th President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump and saying that staying in slavery was a choice. To some, he's selling out the race. To others, this is Kanye being a marketing genius so that we'll all listen to his next album (I will for sure). To others, he's showing signs of mental illness. I won't comment on whether or not any of those are true, but his recent tweets and public appearances raise an interesting point: who you identify yourself speaks about who you are.

My dad told me when I was younger, "If you hang out with dogs, eventually you're gonna get fleas." I did love our two dogs, and I did sometimes bring a flea inside the house, but Pops wasn't talking about TuTu and Penny. He was speaking about the company I kept. He was giving me a warning that if I decided to hang around people with bad habits, sooner or later I would do those same bad habits. Many of us are wondering, what habits is Kanye picking up from 45.

However, my focus here is more personal. We have to ask ourselves if the company we keep is moving us in the right direction. Are we being upgraded or downgraded by our circle? Are the people we're near moving us forward or backwards? Here's a simple test: Find a goal you have for yourself. It could be losing weight, picking up a new skill, saving more money...anything. Now ask those that you hang out with what they think. If they are supportive, they need to stay. If they try to talk you out of it, they need to go.

Remember, before we judge Kanye, we have to evaluate ourselves and see if our circle is helping our harming us.

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