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Delayed, but not denied

32. 10. 384. 1. 19.

32 years old

10 years in the NBA Developmental League playing 384 games

1 game in the NBA with the LA Lakers

19 points scored

This is a synopsis of Andre Ingram's professional basketball career.

He always had the dream of going to the NBA. After not being heavily scouted out of college, Andre thought the best path to his dream was playing in the NBA Developmental league. Now, to a lot of us that makes sense. If you want something, and there's a way to get there, you take it. Most of us can hold on for a year. Maybe even three. But this brother held on for 10 years.


That's a long time to wait...but what happened when he finally got his chance? Let's let the video speak for itself:

This brother, looking like Don Cheadle on the court, made the most of his opportunity and scored 19 points. He was confident, sure of his ability, and made the most of his chance. So what we can take away from this basketball blind date?

1. Delayed, but not denied. Andre finally achieved his dream...but it took him a while. When he finally achieved it, the wait was worth it.

2. Work while you wait. If Andre had decided to not hone his shooting skills in those 10 years, he wouldn't have made half the impact. But because he did, Andre was able to drop three point shots on the Rockets. That's not luck, it's the result of hard work over the years.

3. Seize the moment. This whole story would crash and burn if Andre got in the game and missed shots or if he was just satisfied with making it. I want you to know that you didn't come this far, just to come this far!

So what dream have you been waiting on to happen? What goal have you been working towards achieving? What next step are you thinking about taking? No matter what it is, do like Andre and make the most of it!

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