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Texas Tragedy: Part 1

What was your typical day like In high school? Maybe some tough tests, hard teachers, but what about violence? Did you ever remember thinking "This could be the end" when you started a school day? Well, this clip from May 18, 2018:

No, this isn't me being dramatic. Please don't come at me with talk about how this is politicizing a tragedy. This young girl was not surprised that a shooting happened at her school. She figured it would happen, and she was unfortunately correct. That, ladies and gentlemen, regardless of your political affiliation, is wrong. No one should be in a place where they are expecting something tragic to happen to them.

Now, let's bring this back a little bit. I don't remember exactly what happened, but in 6th grade we were asked to write a journal entry on a recent tragedy. My classmates wrote about how they were scared, but I told them that I heard gun shots regularly so whatever happened didn't bother me. I felt numb to the violence. I might as well have said "Brothers get shot every day B." As a matter of fact, I told them that the only reason this was an issue was because the tragedy happened in a different part of town.

Both the young girl in Texas, and me in 6th grade represent problems. Have we become so accepting of violence in our country that we expect and accept children dying because of a school shooting? It doesn't matter where they live, who they are, who their parents are, or what they plan to do in the one deserves to die because of an avoidable tragedy.

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