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What did I just find?

One part of being a husband that no one tells you about is driving. Maybe it's just us, but wherever we go, I'm the default driver. Down the street or across the country, if we're together...I'm driving. Really, it's not a big deal for me, but there's one place I hate driving: the mountains.

See, driving in the mountains is a little tricky. There's the potentially falling rocks, inclines, declines, and more twists than a Chubby Checker concert. Individually...those things aren't too bad. But combined it can make a very tough journey. The last trip we took to the mountains also included a little rain and a late start, so it was all of the above and a wet and dark ride.

Because of the traffic coming in my direction, I couldn't put my high beams on while I drove. But once I got to a stretch with less traffic, I flipped them on quickly. But what I saw, I wish I hadn't. On the side of this country road was a barn more beat down than a nail in a hammer shop. The wood had turned gray, many of the planks were falling down, and a rusted tractor was underneath the falling roof and weeds climbing over top. Too bad I couldn't speed up to get past it!

After my wife and I laughed about the barn's condition, I couldn't help but think about my life: if God turned on His high beams in my direction...would He find somethings that I didn't want to be seen? Would He expose some hidden part of me that was buried deep down? If He did, the reality is that it would need to be handled...and He's the only one that can do it. And brother or're in the same situation. We're the barn on the side of the road, and God has His high beams pointed in our direction.

Before a new day hits, I encourage you to let God turn on the high beams. Let Him shine His light in areas of your life that need to be explored and let Him handle them.

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