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What the Circus Taught Me

Last week, my wife and I took a stroll down memory lane. Our second date ever back in 2002 was at the UniverSoul Circus, and when it came back to Charlotte this year, we decided to go. Combined with the adventures on the road, watching all of the kids and adults laugh and dance, and being with each other made for an awesome date night. All of the acts were outstanding! There were tight rope walkers, bone breakers, clowns, magicians, tigers, dogs, ninjas...but the group that I learned a great deal from were the African Acrobats.

During the show, my attention was immediately drawn to the guy at the top. But after a few seconds I thought about the guys on the bottom. Not only did they help the man on top get up there, but they carried and supported him during this section of the show. Frankly, if the base guys were not in place, there's no way the guy on top would be in the spotlight.

All that being said...who has been your base? Who has helped you climb this high and maybe even support you? Take a moment and give them a call, send a text, write a letter and tell them thank you and acknowledge that they have been there for you. But, maybe you feel like you're the base. You have helped someone level up. If that's you, please know that you have played a crucial role in their life. And even if they don't admit, remember that without the base, there can be no flyer.

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